About Kitty


Hi! It’s me, author-lady! The one with the usually brightly-coloured hair, absurdly huge collection of skincare and makeup, and constant lack of sleep. As well as being an absolute beauty junkie (particularly, K-beauty), I’m a part-time Biomedical Science student, majoring in Human Genetics. Simply put, I want to get involved in the work on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, my genetic disorder. And hey, I already have a head start on the “mad scientist” thing — I just need to sort out the “scientist” part and I’ll be set!

All joking aside, though, my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome affects every aspect of my life in often unpredictable ways. My love of all things beauty-related grew from a need to foster a positive relationship with my body, which can be very difficult when one’s body is a source of so much pain, discomfort and general limitation. When the pain in my back and legs is preventing me from walking, I can always ask Mike (Carer-man Extraordinaire) to wheel me through to my little makeup desk and then spend time playing with my vast collection and cursing my lack of extra faces upon which to slather it. When I’m forced into bedrest by my myriad symptoms, I can slap on a sheet mask and feel like I’m at least doing something good for my body while it tantrums. Beauty and skincare are creative outlets, scientific projects and necessary self-care rituals for me and I savour every moment I spend enjoying them.

I started the Chronically Fabulous Blog as an outlet for my other great creative love: writing. Here, you’ll find product reviews (mostly Korean skincare and makeup, but also some Western and otherwise Asian beauty products), a “Skincare Basics” series I’ll be continually adding to and articles on current beauty trends, in which I delve into the science (or lack thereof) underpinning them.

Welcome to the Blog. Please, make yourself at home and feel free to contact me with any post requests, or just leave a comment and I’ll reply as soon as I’m suitably medicated (caffeine absolutely counts as medication and I will not hear otherwise!).

Please also check out my YouTube channel, which features tons more skincare, makeup and otherwise beauty-related content =]